Hello Friends of Camp Emmanuel,

Camp is currently closed for the winter season, but we're already looking forward to seeing you all again next summer!

From time to time, we like to keep our friends updated about the latest and greatest news from Camp Emmanuel - and we'd love to include YOU!
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Camp News

Mark your 2022 Calendar!

Our Spring Work Week is planned for April 23-28 with camp opening to the public for fishing, rentals, and events on April 30th.

New & Ongoing Projects

Camp is looking for volunteers to help with the following projects either during work week or at a different time. If you can help (or you know someone who can) please contact us!
  • Camp signs - repair & reset
  • Grinding stumps near Porch
  • Plant new tree (in memory of Ernie Shanks)
  • New doors on boys’ cabins
  • Check for erosion at spillway - add rock as needed
  • Paint & stain White Oaks
  • Treat flooring & wood of docks, decks, bridge
  • Bridge poles - need to reinforce or replace
  • Repair main boat dock
  • Tighten cabin siding & stain
  • Remove & replace sidewalk at south side of Porch
  • Outdoor shower at the bath house (parts on site)
  • Paint pews in Chapel & Breezeway
  • Check roofs - Elm / Sycamore / Chapel / White Oaks
  • Remove tree next to bridge (currently chained together)
  • Lake treatment for algae - to be done during work week

Camp Dates for 2022

Women’s Camp: June 3 - 5
High School Camp: June 5 - 11
Middle School Camp: June 12 - 18
Junior Camp: June 19 - 22
Pre-junior Camp: June 24 - 26
Day Camp: July 18 - 22
Men's Camp: August 5 - 7
Family Camp: September 2 - 5

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Camp Map

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