Hello Friends of Camp Emmanuel,

Camp registration for summer 2022 is now OPEN!

We look forward to an exciting year with you all. Our work week is still planned (see below) for April 23-28, and we need all the help we can get to gear up for camping season. Camp opens to the public on April 30th for fishing and hiking.

This summer we're bringing back our wildly successful Day Camp along with our regularly scheduled programming. Be sure to visit our registration page now and sign up for camp 2022.

Be sure to reach out to our camp managers as soon as possible if you're looking to schedule a family reunion, wedding, church retreat, youth group outing, or any other on-site activity.

Can't wait to see you at Camp Emmanuel!
Registration Information: In the past, Camp Emmanuel has allowed campers to register when they arrive at camp. In order to properly plan for more camp offerings, we no longer allow campers to register on the same day for any OVERNIGHT camp. Any campers who arrive for an OVERNIGHT camp without registration may be turned away at the discretion of the Camp Director. Day Camp WILL accept same day registrations. No campers will be allowed to stay on camp property without registration forms signed by that camper's parent or legal guardian.

(Click Here for a Printable Schedule)

June 3-5 Women's Camp (Women of All Ages)

Friday 5:00PM – Sunday 2:00PM
Director: Crystal Bryant
Email: crystaldawnbryant30@gmail.com
Fee: $75 ($90 after May 20)

June 5-11 High School Camp (Completed 9th-12th Grade) - Cancelled

Sunday 5:00PM – Saturday 10:00AM
Directors: Ben & Rachel Miller
Email: rmiller.english@gmail.com
Fee $150 ($165 after May 22)

June 12-18 Middle School Camp (Completed 6th-8th Grade)

Sunday 5:00PM – Saturday 10:00AM
Director: Lynn Jones
Email: misslynnmo@yahoo.com
Fee $150 ($165 after May 29)

June 19-22 Junior Camp (Completed 3rd-5th Grade)

Sunday 5:00PM – Wednesday 2:00PM
Director: Lisa Fike
Email: pastorlfike@gmail.com
Fee $85 ($100 after June 5)

June 23-25 Pre-Junior Camp (Completed K-2nd Grade)

Thursday 5:00PM – Saturday 2:00PM
Directors: Rosie Brandenburg & Danielle Densing
Email: danielledensing@yahoo.com Fee $75 ($90 after June 10)

July 18-22 Day Camp (Completed K-5th Grade)

Monday-Friday from 9:00AM to 3:00PM
Director: Lisa Fike
Email: pastorlfike@gmail.com
Fee: FREE! Registration required

August 5-7 Men's Camp (Men of All Ages)

Friday 5:00PM – Sunday 2:00PM
Director: Andy Fulk
Email: fulk71@yahoo.com
Fee: $75 ($90 after July 22)

September 2-5 Family Camp

Friday 6:00PM – Monday 9:00AM
Directors: Mike & Sirina Gilbert
Email: red_brains@hotmail.com
Fees: Adults $75 ($90 after August 19)
Children 4-12 $50 ($65 after August 19)
Maximum per family $185 ($200 after August 19)

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From time to time, we like to keep our friends updated about the latest and greatest news from Camp Emmanuel - and we'd love to include YOU!
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Camp News

Our Spring Work Week is planned for April 23-28 with camp opening to the public for fishing, rentals, and events on April 30th.

New & Ongoing Projects

Camp is looking for volunteers to help with the following projects during work week. If you can help (or you know someone who can) please contact us!
  • Camp signs - repair & reset
  • Grinding stumps near Porch
  • Plant new tree (in memory of Ernie Shanks)
  • New doors on boys’ cabins
  • Check for erosion at spillway - add rock as needed
  • Paint & stain White Oaks
  • Treat flooring & wood of docks, decks, bridge
  • Bridge poles - need to reinforce or replace
  • Repair main boat dock
  • Tighten cabin siding & stain
  • Remove & replace sidewalk at south side of Porch
  • Outdoor shower at the bath house (parts on site)
  • Paint pews in Chapel & Breezeway
  • Check roofs - Elm / Sycamore / Chapel / White Oaks
  • Remove tree next to bridge (currently chained together)
  • Lake treatment for algae - to be done during work week

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Camp Map

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