Hello Friends of Camp Emmanuel,

We are thrilled that we will be having camps this year! We've missed you all very much! Like other camps, we will be following the state and local rules for COVID prevention and response in order to stay open and hold camps this year. These rules are similarr to those in place at most schools across the country, so many of you will already be familiar with them. We'll be wearing masks (over mouth and nose), maintaining social distance when appropriate, and washing hands frequently.

One other change this year is our capacity - we are currently limited to 50%. This means there can only be 30 people (campers/counselors/directors) at each camp. We hope this situation will improve before camping season and some of our bigger camps, but right now, we are limited to 22 campers with 8 counselors/directors. At this time, registration will be first come, first served.

It's important that you are familiar with our new rules before coming to camp. These rules may be updated before your camp begins, so please check this page again before your camp date to make sure you are prepared. You can view the new rules by clicking HERE. We will be enforcing these new rules for the health and safety of all our camp friends. Please address any specific questions to your camp director.

We're looking forward to a great camp season! Can't wait to see you all!

The Camp Board

Camp Schedule 2021

In the past, Camp Emmanuel has allowed campers to register when they arrive at camp. In order to properly plan for more camp offerings, we will no longer be allowing campers to register on the same day for any OVERNIGHT camp. Any campers who arrive for an OVERNIGHT camp without registration may be turned away at the discretion of the Camp Director. Day Camp (newish this year) will accept same day registrations. No campers will be allowed to stay on camp property without registration forms signed by that camper's parent or legal guardian.

June 4-6 Women's Camp

Friday 4:00PM – Sunday 2:00PM
Director: Crystal Bryant
Email: crystaldawnbryant30@gmail.com
Fee: $60 ($75 after May 21)

June 6-12 High School Camp (Completed 9th-12th Grade)

Sunday 5:00PM – Saturday 10:00AM
Directors: Aaron Griffith
Email: aaron.griffith7@hotmail.com
Fee $125 ($140 after May 23)

June 13-19 Middle School Camp (Completed 6th-8th Grade)

Sunday 5:00PM – Saturday 10:00AM
Director: Lynn Jones
Email: misslynnmo@yahoo.com
Fee $125 ($140 after May 30)

June 20-23 Junior Camp (Completed 3rd-5th Grade)

Sunday 5:00PM – Wednesday 7:00PM
Director: Lisa Fike
Email: pastorlfike@gmail.com
Fee $70 ($85 after June 6)

July 9-11 Pre-Junior Camp (Completed K-2nd Grade)

Friday 5:00PM– Sunday 2:00PM
Director: Rosie Brandenburg & Danielle Densing
Email: danielledensing@yahoo.com Fee $60 ($75 after June 25)

July 26-30 Day Camp (Completed K-5th Grade)

Tuesday-Friday from 9:00AM to 3:00PM
Director: Lisa Fike
Email: pastorlfike@gmail.com
Fee: FREE! Registration required

August 6-8 Men's Camp

Friday 4:00PM – Sunday 2:00PM
Director: Richard Nichols
Email: rwnichols63@gmail.com
Fee: $60 ($75 after July 23)

September 3-6 Family Camp

Friday 6:00PM – Monday 9:00AM
Directors: Ray and Kitty Knotts
Email: raynkitty@gmail.com
Fees: Adults $60 ($75 after August 20)
Children 4-12 $40 ($55 after August 20)
Maximum per family $155 ($215 after August 20)

Camp work week is scheduled for April 17-22.

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Camp News

Registration is open for our 2021 Season!

Please note the change in registration policy for same day registrations.
Our street address is 14999 Reservoir Road, Browning IL, 62624

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