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Camping season is over for this year.
See you in the spring!

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What to expect at Camp

All guests and campers at Camp Emmanuel must abide by the camp guidelines, available here.

A few other things to consider as you pack for camp:
Camp is a rugged experience, so come prepared. Bring good shoes. Bring a good flashlight. During the summer it can be incredibly hot at camp, and we will have cooling stations set up for campers. Bring a water bottle because you will need to drink lots of water! Consider bringing an extra towel for things like water games. Bring school-appropriate clothes, and put your name on the tag!

Camp Emmanuel is a family-friendly place. We do not allow alcohol, drugs, or tobacco. We also do not allow any kind of weapons. We strongly urge you not to bring any technology to camp - take a moment to unplug with us. You won't regret it.

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