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Camp Emmanuel depends on volunteers who will partner with us in ministry. Camp could not function without the dedicated individuals who share thier time and talents with us each summer, and we appreciate the contributions of all our volunteers. 
Whether you are volunteering to serve during a specific camp, coming to help with our work days, or providing skilled labor to keep things looking good, we GREATLY value your service!

Summer Camp Volunteers

Every summer we host Christ-centered camps for all age ranges. Any time we have a camp, we try to have at least two volunteer counselors in each of our cabins. These volunteer counselors are typically recruited throughout the year by the camp board and individual camp directors. Volunteers are often recruited for a specific position during one of our camps. As a policy, we require all volunteers to submit a volunteer application form to the Camp Board. This application includes providing references and consenting to a criminal background check.

If you have not been directly recruited and want to volunteer during one of our camps, we encourage you to fill out our application. Filling out the application does not guarantee that you will be asked to volunteer. After passing the background check, your name will be made available to any camp director looking for counselors. Any of those camp directors may contact you if they need your help with their camp. If you are serving during more than one camp, you only need to fill out the form once.

The number of volunteers needed varies (greatly) from year to year. If you are not contacted to serve this year, we encourage you to fill out the application again next spring.

*For privacy reasons, Camp Emmanuel does not comment on or explain volunteer staffing decisions, including failed applications.

Here are the minimum requirements for volunteering during one of our camps:

-Volunteers must be actively developing a mature Christian faith.
-Volunteers must be at least 16 years old.
-Volunteers must provide personal references.
-Volunteers 18 years or older may be subject to a background check.
-Volunteer counselors must be at least 4 years older than the oldest camper in their group.
-Volunteers must be willing and able to abide by the policies of Camp Emmanuel at all times.
-Volunteers must communicate effectively.

Summer Camp Positions:
Camp Director
Kitchen Aide**
Life Guard**
Camp Counselor
Music Director
Craft Director
Camp Nurse

**Some paid positions or reimbursment for training/certification expenses are available. Please contact the Camp Board for more information.

CLICK HERE to apply for a volunteer position at Camp Emmanuel.

Work Volunteers


Each year Camp Emmanuel has a long list of projects (a list is usually found on our "home" page). Sometimes it's routine maintainence around camp - organizing our craft supplies or moving mattresses into the cabins. Other times we already have the funds and supplies for a camp improvement project and need a skilled volunteer to take us over the finish line.

Do you like woodworking? Do you love to garden? Want to run around and take pictures of camp for our website? Want to help cook for the other volunteers? Do you just miss being at Camp Emmanuel? Join us!
Whatever your skill level, we would love to see you at one of our work days. We typically have a work week in the spring to get camp ready for the year and a work day in the fall to close the camp for winter. These events are a family affair, and they are absolutely critical to keeping Camp Emmanuel up and running.

If you want to volunteer for a specific camp improvement project outside of our work days/week, we ask that you contact the Camp Board directly through one of the methods on our Contact Page so we can make the appropriate arrangements.

Camp Board Positions

Camp Emmanuel is always looking for individuals willing to serve a term on our camp board. Board members are nominated and approved each year at the annual conference of the Illinois-Wisconsin District Church of the Brethren.

Board members begin their term in November and serve for three years. At the end of a term, board members may be re-nominated for another three years. Members may serve two consecutive three-year terms before taking a one year mandatory break. After this haitus, individuals may be nominated to the board again and may serve two more consecutive three-year terms.

Our camp board meets a few times throughout the year to carry out routine business and plan for camp maintenance, improvements, and programs. Some of our meetings are online while others are in-person at Camp. (All of our in-person meetings feature really good food.) If you are interested in being nominated for a camp board position, please reach out to your local Church of the Brethren or contact us directly.

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