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Camp Emmanuel is managed by the Camp Emmanuel Board of Directors.

If you have a specific question about our facilities, the camp grounds, or operation, please contact the board. If you have a question related to a specific camp, please contact the dean of that particular camp.

To contact the board or camp managers via email, please click here or email us at campemmanuel.cob@gmail.com.

Board of Directors

Rachel Miller, Chair
Rosie Brandenburg, Vice-Chair
Matthew Dooly, Recording Secretary & Treasurer
Crystal Bryant
Ray Knotts
Richard Nichols
Lisa Fike
Denise Nichols
Josh Sawyer

Board Committees

Program Team
Denise Nichols, Chair
Lisa Fike
Matthew Dooly
Crystal Bryant

Facilities Team
Richard Nichols, Chair
Josh Sawyer
Rosie Brandenburg
Ray Knotts

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Camp Emmanuel
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Astoria, Illinois 61501

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309-329-2291 - Don and Kelly Davis, Camp Managers